[Guest post] A recipe for Norwegian Christmas herring

Hi, Mali from Arctic Mum  and Etsy shop Scandicushionvintage here. In Norway we tend to stick to traditions, and Christmas is a big thing here. We don’t decorate the house or the tree early in December, like in the States. We wait until all the shopping is done, the house is cleaned and the food is in the fridge: then we’ll decorate.
What we do do early is making different dishes with herring. It’s typical Scandinavian, and I enjoy it more than all the cookies in the world. My mother used to make it, and it’s childhood for me. Now I try to pass it on to my own children, with a medium result. They prefer Christmas sausages to Christmas herring…

You can make many variations of Christmas herring: with aquavit, sour cream, curry, tomatoes and mustard. I like tomatoes and mustard the best, and here is a mustard recipe you should try:

3-6 spicy filets of herring
1 finely chopped onion
a little more than half a cup of neutral oil (not olive oil as leaves taste)
2-3 big spoons of water
a little more than half a cup of half sweet mustard
one cup (or more) of sugar
lots of dill


Mix the ingredients and add the herring in the end. Put it in a jar in the fridge, and eat it on rye bread.

It’s good for you too:)
Merry Christmas! Mali 
[Thank you Mali, for sharing this recipe with us!]

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