50 things to do this Christmas

For those who love or loath the holidays

1. Host a Christmas breakfast buffet party, early Christmas morning.

2. Host an Anti-Christmas Cocktail party. Hawai themed, exotic cocktails only. Dress code: Bikini’s or shorts.

3. Go to an airport nearby and watch the people in the arrivals hall.

4. Go to an airport nearby and take the next flight out.

5. Christmas Movie marathon

6. Go out for a wine and cheese tasting

7. Spend Christmas in a hotel room. The most expensive one you can afford. Bring snacks and champagne. Watch bad tv all night.

8. Read a book.

9. Go for a long morning walk.

10. Get up at 7am for a morning service and take in all the christmas spirit.

11. Watch movies that are set on paradise islands. Eat summer food and drink margaritas.

12.Have a James Bond themed Christmas party. Egg Nog, shaken not stirred.

13.Decorate for easter.

14.Watch all movies ever made about Scrooge.

15.Make up your own Christmas cocktail.

16.Have an ‘Office Christmas party’ themed party with friends at your place.

17.Watch the Christmas episodes of your favorite sitcoms.

18.Watch ‘The Life of Brian’.

19.Get rid of the Christmas tree (if you have one) and start redecorating.

20.Clean out all your closets. Donate clothes to the good will.

21.Make up lists of things to do in the new year.

22.Write down crazy resolutions for the new year, like eat ice-cream everyday.

23.Sit down with friends, write resolutions for each other.

24.Hide in a spa treatment centre.

25. Go under cover.

26.Go to the nearest airport. Pretend that you’re a business man or woman stuck there for the day. Sit in lounges, eat expensive food. Buy a suitcase.

27.Meet with friends who don’t celebrate christmas.


29.Take an online self paced course. Finish it in one day.

30.Make a wish list of all the things you want and want to do. Then burn it. Letting go is what sets intentions.

31.Have a twig of mistletoe on you all day. You never know.

32.Make a blueprint of your dream house. From living room to laundry room to rooftop pool of course.

33.Write letters.

34.Start Postcrossing.

35.Watch documentaries.

36.Learn a new skill.

37. Travel without a destination. Go to the railway station. Get on the first train. Exit on the first stop. Take the next departing train. Exit on the second stop. And so on.

38.Build a blanket fort.

39.Call random people in the phonebook and wish them a Merry Christmas.

40.Visit your lonely neighbor.

41.Turn up the music & dance.

42.Take a photo every hour of your Christmas eve and day. Put the photo’s in an album.

43.Only eat the red M&M’s.

44.Try a recipe that you think you won’t be able to make because it is top chef worthy.

45.Watch Nigella cook.

46.Go to a sauna.

47.Write a short story.

48.Celebrate Christmas with the traditions & food of another country. For example, have an American Christmas or a Norwegian Christmas, an Australian one etc.

49.Host a chocolate tasting.

50.Buy gifts, give them to strangers on the street.

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    great list. i especially like the last one.

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